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Nima Momeni Net Worth – Bio, Ethnicity, Age, Height, Life, Career



Nima Momeni Net Worth

Nima Momeni Net Worth

This article is based on Nima Momeni Net Worth and the other details which are related to Nima Momeni.

So let us know first who is Nima Momeni. Nima Momeni is an American IT consultant & tech entrepreneur. She has been identified as a possible suspect for the death of Bob Lee.

Yes Bob Lee who was the founder of Cash App and he was at worked as the chief product officer of cryptocurrency firm named Mobilecoin.

Introduction of Nima Momeni

Nima Momeni is a California based IT consultant/ tech entrepreneur who has been involved as a technical partner from the year 2005.

He has bought a IT  company named as Expand IT Inc. This company mainly work and supports diverse client markets such as healthcare, finance, startups, manufacturing and services.

But recently from the news reports, there is reports have linked about investigation of murder of Bob Lee and nima was the suspect of the murder of Bob Lee who is the founder of Cash App and Mobile coin chief product officer.

Nima Momeni Biography

Nima Momeni was born in 1984 and nima Momeni birthplace was in Emeryville, California, United States of America.

Nima Momeni religion belongs to Christianity and he has holding an American citizenship.

As on 2024 nima Momeni age is 40 years old.

Nima Momeni Education

Nima has completed his school from the local school, after completed the school studies he has enrolled himself in the University of California to obtain higher studies, Nima Momeni has completed his graduation degree from University of California, Berkeley.

Nima Momeni Personal Life

Nima Momeni marital status is married but there is no details has been about nima momeni wife and there is no detail aslo found about nima momeni children. We will working on this section and as soon as possible out team will update this information related nima momeni personal life.

Nima Momeni Siblings

There is information about nima momeni sister has been found, nima momeni sister named Khazar Elyassnia, she is a private person for his brother nima, she came in the spotlight when nima got involved in murder trial. Khazar married to plastic surgeon Dr. Dino Elyassnia, and they two children also.

From several sources, we get that Elyassnia has denied having any romantic involvement with Bob Lee, it is happens because of the victim of murder has mentioned that she is devastated by the charges against nima.

Nima Momeni Professional Career

After completed the education nima in the year 2005, began his career as a system/ network engineer. He job role was to providing on site and remote support to enterprise clients and managed overseas IT teams of the company. He has worked in the company for only two years till 2007.

After this job he has joined another company named Coast Range IT and he has worked in this company up to seven years. He has worked in this company for providing local and remote supports to SMB clients in the south bay area.

But only this he had also worked as a consultant at Diabo IT, SPOC and other companies. As a job profile as consultant he has to manage day to day IT operations and provided project management with full IT support.

After a lot of working experiences, nima has stopped consulting and started his own IT company named Expand IT Inc.

This company mainly comprises expert enterprise IT professionals who offer efficient technology solutions and less cost effective support services to SMB and enterprise clients.

Nima Momeni Net Worth

Nima Momeni Net Worth
Nima Momeni Net Worth

From the several sources, nima momeni net worth estimated to be $ 5 million dollar. Nima has established himself as a well deserve entrepreneur and accomplished IT consultant.

As on 2024, nima momeni net worth estimated to $ 5 million dollar.

Nima Momeni Arrested

Many of you are eager to know rhy did nima momeni has got arrested, what is the main reason behind his arrest. From the reports we have got detail that nima an IT consultant and entrepreneur has been arrested on the suspicious of murder by the Same Fransisco Sheriff office.

On the source of this previous criminal record dating back to 2011, when he was charged for allegedly selling a switchblade and also for driving with a suspended license.

The victim and Momeni knew each other and they had driven together through down to the San Fransisco just before hours the murder. The police department yet revealed a motive for the stabbling. But the neighbour of Momeni said that he appeared to be unsettled last week.

The police stated after the investigation that the murder was not a robbery or a random attack there should be two got into an argument before murder incident happened.

Nima Momeni is set to be arranged on murder charge with a knife on 14 April 2023. The police have stated after the investigation there is an argument had made with the victim before the murder occured. And the surrounding cases are still under process investigation. He will detained without bail.

If found convicted all charges there should be maximum sentence to face 26 years of life in prison.

Nima Momeni Charity Work

Nima Momeni has also made himself a good person. Nima has worked as a philantrpohist, by making a contribution and donation to various non profit organisation which could focus on addressing poverty, healthcare, education and more through financial donations.

Nima Momeni Social Media

Nima Momeni also available on the other social media profile such as nima momeni Facebook, nima momeni Twitter, nima momeni LinkedIn. One can follow him one such social media profiles to know more about him. Nima is also available on YouTube channel where he help the other as consultant.

Nima Momeni Height

Nima momeni height is 5 feet 9 inches but there is no detail has been found nima momeni weight. He belongs to the America nationality.

People Also Ask

  1. What is the religion of Nima Momeni?

    Nima Momeni religion is Christianity.

  2. What is the net worth of nima momeni ?

    As on 2024, nima momeni net worth estimated to be $ 5 million dollar.

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