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Mark Laita Net Worth – Bio, Age, Relationship, Family, Daughter 2024




Mark Laita

In this article there is lot of details are available. Mark Laita a renowned interviewer, director, American photographer and a famous youtuber.

Let us explore the fascinating details behind his YouTube channel named Soft White Underbelly.

Mark Laita Biography

Mark Laita
Mark Laita

Mark Laita is a well known photographer, he has gained his fame and popularity for the photo book Created Equal.

Mark is a professional photographer. Mark Laita nationality is American and his family was also belongs to the America and they are holding the the citizenship of America.

Mark Laita Age

Mark Laita was born in 1960 and mark Laita birthplace was in Midwest cities of Detroit, Chicago. As on 2024 Mark Laita Age is 64 years old. He has spend his childhood days under the guidance of his family members. He like to spend his time with his family members.

At the very young age, at the age of 15 years, he passionate and fond in photography and after some month he has discoverd his passion in photography.

Mark Laita Education

Mark has completed his high school study from Detroit local school and after completed his school days, he attended Columbia College, where he studied photography. He has compete his graduation degree from the University of Illinois Chicago.

Mark Laita Career

After completed the education mark was so passionate during him his young age so he started his career in photography. In his childhood mark took photographs of the homeless in Detroit. After the 30 year of work experience he developed the series slowly the result was Created Equal in the year 2010.

He has refined his artwork, he used to collaborate with many well known companies such as Apple Inc, Visa, Budweiser and many more companies.

After some time he started his YouTube channel named Soft White Underbelly it is a media outlet other than photography.

Created Equal By Mark Laita

Created Equal is a visual catalog of America. It takes a lot of time more than 10 years to complete and it took also more  budget in completing Created Equal around to be half million dollars.

To complete the series Created Equal, he travelled to the lower up to 48 United States and he also photograph many people during his journey including cowboys, astronauts, people drug addicts on the streets and the others.

The studio at the Skid row on the Los Angeles California, Mark used to create there portraits. He has paid for the photographed because he believed that by paying it would be encourage people to show up for the photos.

Created Equal was published in the year 2008. There is a lot of profit also made by Mark through photo gallery shows and print sales. He has also published other books and serpentin.

Mark Laita Net Worth

From the several sources , mark laita net worth estimated to be $ 1 million dollar. The main source of income he generates from his photography projects. He also made money from his YouTube channel.

As per sources, mark laita net worth 2024 estimated to be $ 1.2 million dollar.

Mark Laita Personal Life & Relationship

Mark Laita is very private person, mark laita martial status is married but there is no detail has been found over the internet or on the other sources about mark laita wife and his personal relationship. While from the other sources star that he was previously married to an American singer named Elizabeth and he has also two daughters with her but there is not a confirmed information about that and there is also another sources about mark laita wife mention that mark has not yet married. So there is not an appropriate detail has been updated about his personal life and relationship or he has a girlfriend or not.

There is no definitive confirmation has been made on Mark Laita marital status or wife.

Mark Laita Daughter

From the reports, mark and his wife has two daughters named Alex Laita and Olivia Laita.  Olivia has had modelling opportunities, she also work as a model for Emmanuelle Rienda, founder and artistic director of vegan fashion week.

Mark Laita Family

There is no details has been found about mark laita parent and mark has no any intent to share his parents details over the internet or publicly.

Mark Laita Social Media Profiles

Mark is available on the various social media platforms. One can follows him on the social media profiles and get the updates also.

You can also check and follow him on Mark Laita Instagram, mark laita YouTube and more.

Mark Laita Soft White Underbelly

Mark ha s created his YouTube channel named Soft White Underbelly dated on 25 April 2016 and he began publishing interview videos on his YouTube channel.

Mark generally use to publish the interview of vulnerable individuals on his YouTube channel. He has more than 4 million subscribers over his YouTube channel. Hey use to donate his some parts of the profit of his YouTube channel to the poor.

You can also access the videos throught his website soft white underbelly website.

The main focus of his YouTube channel is to interviewing people mainly for the photography gigs. He has also made some collaborations with Peter Santenello a youtuber also.

People Also Ask

  1. Where is the studio of mark laita?

    Mark Laita is a esteemed photographer. He has a studio located in Los Angeles and New York

  2. What is the age of Mark Laita?

    Mark was born in the year 1960. As on 2024, mark laita age is 64 years old.

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