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Eyewris Net Worth 2024 – Updated Details After Shark Tank Season 14




Eyewris Net Worth

Eyewris Net Worth

Both of them has appeared on the season 14 of sharp tank and closed a day with all the five members of the Shark Tank. Eyewris Net Worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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Eyewris, a solution for a long standing issues faced by many people who require reading glasses, and it was founded by Mark Singer and his son Kenzo Singer.

Both of them presented their unique product of foldable reading glass design which can be worn on the wrist providing a practical solution for those who often misplace or forgot they are glasses. The father and son both gave a heartwarming pitch of their product.

That had some of the sharks in tears. But Lori Greiner in particular was really touched by their pitch.

Mark singer is an award winning inventor and he is also a master is previous creations including Gorilla Glue  and Gaiti designs, the most successful Gorilla Glue itself is now worth over $100 million at present days

Kenzo Singer, a Cornell University graduate, with a engineering and architecture background, he was working in LA

He has also joined forces with his father to create Eyewris. It was design which played a significant role in creating and efficient method to make the glasses curl around the wrist. Kenzo is the backbone of Eyewris design.

If takes too many years for Mark and cancer to provide a perfect design and shape for the Eyewris, they also went through a failed Kickstarter campaign and raised only $10,000.

The Eyewris were gone quickly popular and recognized by their super quality design, with the prestigious red dot distinction. It was crafted with ultra durables lenses that are tem times more impact than any regular glass or plastic lenses.

It also provides 100% DAV protection and even include a blue light filter. The packing of this product in a heart productive case with a cleaning cloth the glasses are made up of nickel titanium memory metal with the stainless steel which was developed with the lightweight TR90 thermoplastic and scratch resistance lenses provides guarantee durability and the comfort in wear.

Update After Shark Tank

After appearance in The Shark Tank, it will experience the famous of Shark Tank effect over in the next 48 hours of the episode, it was very emotional and will increase its distribution online the popularity of Eyewris become more.

The unique feature of curling around on the wrist of the glasses with the premium quality made eyewris, a unique product with the little competition in the market. It also helps so much to play a significant competition in market share.  the design has used potentials and earn good or significant revenue from this product.

At present Eyewris glasses are selling exclusively on their official websites, retailing for $110, per pair. The value proposition offered the style and convenience with the best quality of Eyewris for their customers.

Frequently Ask Question

  1. How much did Mark Singer sell Gorilla Glue for?

    In the ABC show it was sold out at very discounted price for the customers for the limited period of time. The purchase price them for $ 65.

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